My Personal Testimony
(Written by Inventor)
Hello To You!
People always ask me, "How did you happen to invent The Ultimate model NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser and then come up with the Remove Wrinkles & Improve Vision (Eye & Forehead Exercises) DVD?" I am just like you from the standpoint of my face and neck being captive to time and gravity! I did not particularly like what was happening to me, and I wanted to do something about it…

All that we hear about concerning facial aging on radio, TV, in print or from our friends and family were not the things that I wanted to do to make my appearance "go back in time!" I did NOT want to go to a plastic surgeon. We see all these glamorous people who never appear "to age." Then we see them after some time passes and we know that they "had something done" because now they don't even look like themselves anymore! Their attempt to look "naturally young" is no longer working. Their faces may appear younger from the standpoint of no or less wrinkling, but they certainly do NOT look "natural!" Let's face the fact that there's only a certain amount of plastic surgery that you can have done before you look more freakish than younger or better. It's like going too far, but your never knowing that you've gone too far until it is too late! And then once you begin to have one thing done you need to have something else done! At this time of life I did know that this was NOT for me. Another very serious consideration about going to a plastic surgeon is that you never really know how everything is going to turn out. If a serious "mistake" happens, then what do you do? And, of course, there are a lot of other serious risks to consider in addition to surgical-appearance outcome, even unexpected death. But besides all that, there are definite limitations to what can surgically be done, whether it can be done at all, and can it all be done for you? Also, what you want done may not be able to be done all at one time, therefore, multiple surgeries need to be performed. I knew that I did not want plastic surgery nor laser treatments that have their own set of challenges!


I also came to the conclusion that I absolutely did NOT want to be injected with any toxic or non-toxic material that I would have to constantly repeat doing, knowing that after that first injection day, "time" continues to march on and it's a downhill journey until the next injection! But that was not my only concern regarding the "injectables." I was and still am extremely conscientious about what I put into my body. All the data is not in concerning some of these chemicals, which contain their own catalog of horror stories, and I wanted something else: something less risky and definitely something better than what they have to offer. Besides -- I really didn't go for the resultant "living-zombie look" where facial parts that are supposed to move do not move and it all looks very strange and definitely phony! This chemical choice to eliminate wrinkling actually deprives us of what makes our faces unique to other body parts – our ability to have and to choose "facial expression" that defines us, our personality, and makes us "special!" You may deceptively think no one recognizes your "expressionless" face, but eventually they do!


There was another very important factor that I was concerned about and that was the fact that all the procedures performed for facial wrinkle removal DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR NECKS! It's almost treated as if this part (our neck) doesn't connect to our face, even though every time you look at someone's face you also see their neck! And we've all seen the people who have smooth, wrinkle-free "treated" faces and crepy, hanging, and wrinkle-skinned necks! And the two do NOT look good together! I needed and wanted something that would address BOTH my face AND my neck issues.



So what were/are the alternatives for someone like me and millions of others (LIKE YOU!) in light of all of the above ??? I had previously read (from well-published individuals) that facial exercising did not work. My wonderfully-intelligent Father had once said to me, "Rarely, do people go back and question what they've learned to see whether it is the truth or not." I decided to apply his "words of wisdom" and take the challenge concerning the facial-exercising subject! I came to realize that not only does facial and neck exercise work, but it was the absolute perfect solution for me!



I absolutely have to tell you what I really love about NEoFaciale® Exercising Products!

  They completely and totally address ALL of the things I was concerned about regarding aging and that's why I call them a
   SURGERY- FREE MIRACLE for face and neck!
  They are a safe, non-invasive, risk-free/always knowing how-it-will-turn-out SOLUTION that satisfyingly addresses wrinkling,
   sagging, bagging by strengthening and toning my face AND my neck muscles!
  The incredibly BEST THING is that all the muscles PERFECTLY AND NATURALLY work together for good so that every
   issue is eventually addressed AND RECTIFIED (i.e. a larger, forward-falling nose, jowls, double chin, wrinkling, etc., etc.!).
   It is nothing short of amazing and miraculous!
  Not only are facial and neck muscles strengthened, but if you purchase and use the NEoFaciale® 'Remove Wrinkles & Improve
   Vision ( Eyes & Forehead Exercises)' DVD, you will not only remove or greatly reduce the wrinkles, sags, and bags in the
   eye and forehead areas of your face, but – you will IMPROVE YOUR VISION in addition! Now that sounds too good to be true,
   but it is certainly, 100% true! (Read the heading, 'Eyes & Forehead DVD.'). They are truly...

  Lasting MISTAKE-PROOF results that are TOTALLY NATURAL and TOTALLY YOU! -- NOT someone else's surgical idea
   of what you should look like!
  They are virtually painless to use, almost effortless to do and you can do and go anywhere with them!
•  They are incredibly and unbelievably cost effective for the amazing results they offer you with consistent use.
I sincerely hope that you, like me, will come to the conclusion that these natural, time tested and proven products are certainly
something that you do not want to be without! You will certainly realize very quickly that they definitely are one of the very best
investments that you've ever made for yourself (and others, too)!

Warmest regards