As was previously stated in the sub-heading, Remove Wrinkles & Improve Vision, this NEoFaciale® ‘Remove Wrinkles & Improve Vision (Eye & Forehead Exercises)’ DVD incorporates your doing a total of four exercises. These four exercises are all you need to address every wrinkle problem concerning your eyes and forehead! I am specifically referring to removing or greatly reducing:


1. the ‘crow’s feet’ on the sides of your eyes,
2. the ‘crinklies’ (wrinkles) above your eye lids,
3. wrinkles between your eyes and above your eyes,
4. wrinkles in the complete forehead area,
5. puffiness of the eyes, especially after sleeping in those troubled with this. Exercising allows circulation to the puffy areas, thereby reducing and helping to eliminate puffiness.

It doesn’t seem possible, but all of the above is very attainable and true because I have accomplished this!



Your nose is also involved! Over time (age and gravity), your sweet nose becomes enlarged and ends up looking more like a sweet potato than what you would like! You know what I’m talking about, as it is especially visible in the elderly. It’s a gradual thing and happens to everybody over time. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! It’s NOT that way with me because I do the exercises! And you NOW have the same opportunity through using the NEoFaciale® ‘Remove Wrinkles & Improve Vision (Eye & Forehead Exercises)’ DVD!


I suggest that you exercise once daily and at least 5 days per week for best results. You should begin to see results in 21-30 days.



It is important to note here that there is a lot of ‘wrong information’ out there about facial exercising, among both the educated (even medical doctors) and uneducated. Aside from the fact that they wrongfully say it does not work, which can easily be disproved by asking them what the resultant difference is if you exercise your nose or your arm (none) since they both contain muscles! One of the biggest errors states that when you wrinkle your face, as we do in the exercises, that you are creating or making more wrinkles! But this is NOT SO! As a matter of fact, I have found the exact opposite to be true! We are purposely exposing wrinkles to eliminate wrinkles because we are strengthening our muscles, thereby plumping them up so that the skin over the plumped-up muscles doesn’t have any or has greatly reduced wrinkles! So … not to worry!


These simple but very effective four NEoFaciale® Eye and Forehead Exercises are the

You will realize that not only have you removed or greatly reduced the wrinkles, sags, and bags from your eyes and forehead, but you will also have shortened and tightened up your whole nose as a blockbuster bonus! That forward-falling, larger, aged nose will be a definite thing of the past! My nose is as tight as it was when I was 30! PLUS – what price can you possibly put on NATURALLY improving your vision? Just think of it -- removing or greatly reducing wrinkles AND improving your vision BOTH AT THE SAME TIME! Now is that absolutely amazing or what? And I have told you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God! You are going to look wonderful!