JCN International, Inc. offers you a unique opportunity to sell NEoFaciale® Facial Exercising Products! It is not only our desire to sell outstanding products but to also allow others the enjoyment of doing so also!

Many people today want or need additional income for themselves and/or their family. We realize, also, that many people do not have the option of leaving their homes to go to work but would like to earn money either full time or part time. We offer you the unique opportunity of doing this by selling our products to whomever you wish to sell them to! Whether you want to sell to your neighbors, your friends at the PTA or religious group, or have “NEoFaciale® Parties” is all UP TO YOU exactly how you want to do it. Maybe you and a friend want to sell together. You just tell us what you want to do and we will help you do it!

We are interested in helping you help yourself!


Each time you sell a NeoFaciale® Facial Exerciser
And anyone can sell our product!

If you are interested in selling us, please e-mail us at (Subject: You Sell Us) and tell us your plans. Also, tell a friend who might be interested. We look forward to hearing from you!