1.  Natural and Good for Your Body!
   • Exercises your facial and neck muscles
   • No plastic/cosmetic surgery involved
   • No initial or continuous injections needed
   • Totally NATURAL results that are totally and NATURALLY you!
   NATURAL face and neck restoration according to nature’s orderly directives


2.  Excellent Workmanship and Materials
   Made in the USA!
   • For your safety and protection, made with FDA Certified and Registered materials.
   • Very smooth movement of parts
   • Extremely comfortable and feels great in mouth


3.  Easy to Use
   • Just 5 minutes day and night!
   • You can do it anywhere (not recommended to use in anything that is moving)
   • Use at home, on vacation, on business trips, anywhere!


4.  Stylish and Compact in Design
   • Small enough to go wherever you go
   • Has an attractive crystal-acrylic carrying case for easy storage and transport


5.  Guaranteed to Perform (as long as you do!)

   Results that are Honest
   Results that Work
   Results that Last.