(Written by Inventor)


We all get caught up in the "right now" -- "the moment" -- because we live in a "now generation" where we want and expect everything "now!" Somehow, we don't want to accept anything less, but we really do need to stop and seriously think about asking ourselves the following question:



If you begin exercising with a NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser as soon as is possible, you are on your way to looking wonderful in a very short time and, especially, in 5 years! But perhaps you just opt out for a face lift. Or, perhaps, you opt out for Botox® or similar injection products. Whatever you choose, other than a NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser, you cannot avoid asking yourself the same, exact question sooner or later:


NOW IS THE TIME to seriously consider the facts!
You might not want to face up to them but if you do, you certainly will be much better off and, also, in your choosing to purchse a NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser TODAY because of the following facts:


1.  If you choose a face lift, 5 years from now gravity will have continued to have taken its toll on your face and neck
and it's time for another one! And then what will you do after another 5 years?


2.  If you choose injections such as Botox® (or similar muscle-paralyzing products) or other injection products, NOT ONLY are you going to continue to need to be injected again after several months from whenever you started, but you are going to continually need to be injected up to and including 5 years from now! There is something that I have never seen or heard discussed concerning the subject of Botox® and other muscle paralyzing products and that is the fact that in nature, "if you don't use it, you lose it!" When you are not using your muscles they automatically atrophy, and this is fact! (Atrophy is defined as a "wasting away of the body or of an organ or part…") Muscle atrophy is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU WANT!!


I had what should have been a fatal automobile accident while in college and I was in traction for a month, a body cast for 5 months, and in other casts for another 6 months. I did not move or use parts of my body, and I did not use my right leg for one year. My muscles had greatly atrophied!!! It took me quite awhile for my limbs to look like they did before that accident. And that restoration was only accomplished through exercise! Now, what do you think should happen to YOUR FACE OVER TIME when your facial muscles are being purposely paralyzed and you cannot move or use them either? Have you asked a doctor (other than the one performing the injections) about this FACT?


3.  The cost for any of the above compared to the cost of a NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser (fractions of pennies??) absolutely cannot even be compared! A NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser truly is...



Exercising any part of your body is beneficial, and you do already know that! Exercising your face and neck muscles is a must and the best thing that you can do for yourself if you are looking for lasting results that are TOTALLY NATURAL and are TOTALLY YOU - not someone else's surgical idea of what you should look like!



One of the most wonderful and most important things I have learned through using a NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser is that I - YOU! - have the absolute choice of choosing to not only have great looks beginning today, NATURALLY, but to have them, keep them, and enjoy them for tomorrow and all the tomorrows thereafter if we so choose, with a NeoFaciale® Facial Exerciser!


It really is time to seriously think about tomorrow today! I know that I couldn't live without a NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser, even if I didn't invent it or sell it! It is absolutely and totally that great!!!