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We have all heard of the benefits of exercising our bodies. What we all have NOT heard is that our faces and necks can also be exercised! Many well-known "experts"
in the field of medicine, nutrition, and exercise have said that nothing can seriously be done for aging of the face and neck (besides plastic surgery or other medical procedures or muscle-paralyzing injections). It's as if these two entities - our face and


neck – do not consist of muscles like the rest of our bodies do! As a result, we have not challenged the "experts" as we apply every cream we can afford to these areas with little or no result. We then go purchase different brands of the same, hoping beyond hope to get ANY type of beneficial result but experiencing the usual same end - we still have the wrinkles, sags, and bags PLUS we've wasted our money! BUT NOT ANYMORE! Your choice of NEoFaciale® Exercising Products are the quintessential exercise equipment for your face and neck that ensures optimal results if used according to instructions for use! They are extremely easy to use and offer bonifide lasting results. You will have NEVER wasted your money with these amazing products! And you will come to find out that they are

When your muscles become strong and toned, they fill out. And, what covers these muscles is skin. When the muscles fill out, the previously-wrinkled skin then stretches over the pumped-up muscle, thereby eliminating much or all of the wrinkles in the skin!


Anti-aging benefits to your face and neck are accomplishing two things through the use of exercising with NEoFaciale ® Facial Exercisers:


1.  You are strengthening and toning your face and neck muscles, and
2.  You are greatly reducing or totally eliminating wrinkles of the skin.
It is important to understand that my results should be no different than your results because I have the EXACT same face and neck anatomical-muscular structure that you do - whether male or female. So, if I got and do get results, so should you! If you exercise seriously and consistently, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT GET RESULTS, just as with all exercise equipment.


Anti-aging benefits to your eyes and forehead are also accomplished in #1 and #2 above through exercising with the NEoFaciale® 'Remove Wrinkles & Improve Vision (Eyes & Forehead Exercises)' DVD PLUS:


1.  You are including your nose and it will NOT have that large, forward-falling, aged appearance.
2.  You are strengthening your 6 actual eye muscles of both eyes and thereby improving your vision as a fantastic bonus!
A major item to point out is that "The Ultimate" Face & Neck Restorer model of the NEoFaciale® Facial Exercisers is the
only patented exercise device with spring tension strength! "The Exceptional" Face & Neck Restorer model does provide the same muscle toning and strengthening as "The Ultimate" model, however it uses rubber bands to accomplish the tension instead of springs. With NEoFaciale® Facial Exercisers, you will be working out with "weights" for your face and neck.


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