I recommend that 3 sets of 100 repetitions in the morning and in the evening be done. Or, if you are just beginning, 3 sets of as many repetitions as you can do be done until you reach the 100-repetitions goal. After 21-30 days you will begin to see some changes! It is truly wonderful!

Let’s go over some of the facial and neck areas that a NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser can tackle for you, and what you can expect from regular use.


1.  Your cheeks are the first to show improvement. The “apples” of your cheeks will “plump” first. Since you are using an ALL NATURAL means to accomplish a desired restoration, you will not have a “swollen” or “artificial” look to your face. The area just below your cheek bones and the rest of your cheeks will also then become “filled in” and the aging, sucked-in, long hollow cheek appearance that occurs over time and because of gravity, will definitely disappear or be greatly reduced.


2.  The “bags” under your eyes are part of your upper- cheek area and they will subside or diminish or disappear as you continue exercising because the underlying muscles will become strengthened and toned and “filled in.”


3.  The next major area to notice marked restoration is the cheek area from nostrils to mouth corners. Prior to exercising, this was a straight line on my face that went precisely from the ends of my nose to not only the corners of my mouth, but continued downward to the jawbone. But not anymore! This “line” has been completely interrupted and no longer exists as a sagging line of age! It has been restored to the short, NATURAL demarcation line separating the cheek from the upper lip/mouth area. As a matter or fact, this line has “risen” upward, above my lips, to where I can put my pinky finger in between it and the corner of my mouth! (And it no longer “continues” to my jawbone!) This is a major change for anyone and should honestly happen for you, too!


4.  I never expected what I’m going to describe to have happened! Since I had never experienced facial and neck exercising-restorative results before using a NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser, I never imagined that my nose would be involved! I never even thought about my nose concerning this anti-aging exercise subject matter! I was thinking about the sags and bags and wrinkles that I was seeing on other parts of my face, but I never anticipated that my NOSE would be restored too! This was amazingly too good to be true! But, it was and IT IS TRUE! You do not realize how far your nose has fallen forward until you begin to see the restoration/transformation before your very eyes! THEN you realize how excellent NEoFaciale® Facial Exercisers are because THIS RESTORATION CAN ONLY BE ACCOMPLISHED THROUGH EXERCISING! I had noticed (prior to using a NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser) that my nose (including nostrils) was “spreading out” on my face! I inquired as to what could be done about it and every plastic surgeon I asked said the very same thing: “Nothing.” All that they can do for a forward-falling, spread-out, aged nose is shorten the tip through surgery… and that is it. And ALL told me that NOTHING COULD BE DONE for enlarged, spread-out nostrils! UNTIL NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser, that is!!! I am living proof, and was probably just as surprised as you are to know, that NEoFaciale® Facial Exercisers CAN absolutely reduce the size of your nose AND nostrils! The same results as just described also happen to you when you perform the exercises in the ‘Remove Wrinkles & Improve Vision (Eye & Forehead Exercises)’ DVD. This is pure fact, not fiction. Now, just ask yourself, what covers your nose? Muscles do! Therefore, they, too, can be toned and strengthened and restored! I have no need for exaggeration because NEoFaciale® Exercising Products, on their own merits through use, testify of themselves!

5.  The area below your nose “puffs up” and becomes “cushiony” instead of hanging down flat against your teeth. Exercising will give rise, cushion, and fullness to this area.


6.  Your lips will fill out to look the way they looked years ago! Unfortunately, your lips have “shrunken and narrowed” over time. But, with daily use of a NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser, they will become restored and/or become much fuller than they now are! And, this will be accomplished NATURALLY so that very artificial “fat-lip look” will never happen to you (does that REALLY look good??). I and many others can attest to this being accomplished. Remember - your lips are muscles, too, and they WILL respond to exercise!


7.  The lines from the corners of your mouth to your jaw line can be a real problem in reflecting advancing/advanced “age.” It may not seem possible, but these lines can be incredibly shortened or virtually eliminated with regular, consistent exercising with a NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser.


8.  Jowls … do NOT look good, regardless of how attractive your other facial features are! You can greatly reduce or eliminate jowls from your life through exercise. It has been proven time after time. A NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser is the exercise equipment that will do this for you. This area under your jaw line is made up of muscles that have to tighten up also, and are no exception to facial and neck restoration! All it takes is...

9.  A double chin certainly can be helped through exercise. Depending on whether this condition is a result of age or weight or both will ascertain your results. But rest assured that the muscles under your chin ARE being exercised (toned and strengthened) whenever you use a NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser.


10.  Neck lines and wrinkles are also addressed through regular use of a NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser. They, too, can be greatly reduced or totally eliminated. A youthful neck is smooth and rounded. An aged neck is not only wrinkled but shows the long, cord-like lines of the neck’s long muscles. This is especially noticeable when someone speaks or sings and/or is thin. We’ve all seen it but we didn’t know what to do about it -- UNTIL NOW! A NEoFaciale® Facial Exerciser will tackle this problem with ease! Your neck has to respond to being restored because it is made of up muscles and these muscles will and do respond to exercising.


NEoFaciale® Facial Exercisers are anti-aging exercise equipment for your face and neck specifically. The muscles of your face are exercised along with your neck and the muscles of your neck are exercised along with your face. Neither face nor neck can be separated from each other during the exercise-restoration process. And this is wonderful news! While you are exercising, it is important to realize that ALL the affected muscles ARE being exercised, even if you do not see or feel anything immediately. Facial and neck restoration only becomes a matter of time in combination with sets of exercise repetitions performed. It really is that simple and it really is that easy!


The degree to which YOUR progress is seen is under your total control! You are the only one who determines how quickly you get results. NEoFaciale® Facial Exercisers will do everything herein discussed in the most technologically-intelligent way possible. These extremely valuable pieces of exercise equipment are the TOTALLY NATURAL way to accomplish even more than what plastic surgeons can do! And the cost is but a mere, almost laughable, cost compared to the thousands and thousands of dollars saved in plastic surgery/medical treatment fees! Your results of exercising your facial and neck muscles will be obtained in a manner that is unmistakably perfect because all concerned muscles will respond to strengthening and toning in the order in which God ordained for them to be. GUARANTEED!

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